About Me

My name is Salvatore for friends only Salvo.
I am a Travel Expert, a specialization I had more than thirty years ago. I have been working in the world of travel for a lifetime I don't remember it anymore but one thing I remember well The Passion that I have always had since I started. My occupation is also the organization of events of all kinds and I love beautiful things. I like antiques and everything that does elegance, style and refinement. I have travelled a lot all over the world and have seen wonderful and extraordinary places but the place I loved and that I love the most is my Italy. My base now after so many years is in Bologna my adopted city. My origins are in Southern Italy, a place where every year I go to relax in the crystal clear waters of Calabria, rich in history and traditions. The purpose of my blog is to give you the curiosities, the necessary information so that you can choose the right place for you and also discover this wonderful country that many people envy us for its beauty, history, culture, food and also for the our living curious and fun.

Italy the Beautiful Country

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