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Amelia, on vacation in the oldest village in Italy

Amelia is a town in the province of Terni that stands out for its history and its ancestry from the Roman era. This small town has about 11,000 inhabitants, and is characterized by an area located in the south-west of the Umbria Region near the border with Lazio. It is located right next to the Amerini Mountains, and is a hilly town. This city brings together the 9 municipalities of the Amelia area, namely Amelia, Montecastrilli, Avigliano, Umbro Penna in Teverina, Lugnano in Teverina, Guardea, Alviano, Giove and Attigliano.

It is closely linked to its Roman history and was known by the name of Amelia even in that period. According to mythology it was founded by King Amero, and is very ancient. Amelia, formerly known as Ameria, is the oldest village in Umbria and Italy.

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The main places of interest and monuments of Amelia

The main centers and monuments of Amelia are the polygonal walls which, together with the medieval and Roman ones, are certainly one of the most important monuments. In addition, it is also possible to find the gates, those that were once the access road to the city from various angles: Porta Leone IV, Porta Posterola, Porta della Valle, Porta Romana. There are also two other doors which, unfortunately, it is no longer possible to see. In addition, the city houses a civic museum with numerous pre-Roman, Roman and early Middle Ages remains. Among the religious architecture it is worth visiting the cathedral, or the Cathedral with its twelve-sided tower, the co-cathedral of Santa Fermina, as well as the city's cathedral, the Gothic Roman Church of Sant'Agostino with the presence of neoclassical aspects. Among these monuments, the “Martyrdom of San Pancrazio” dating back to the 18th century stands out without a doubt. Also famous is the church of San Francesco, also known as the church of Santi Giacomo e Filippo, the church of San Magno with the Benedictine monastery and the church of San Clemente. Among the most important we remember the city theater.

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