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Arbatax-Tortolì...a different Sardinia

Updated: May 13, 2021

Arbatax is a small fraction of the municipality of Tortolì, in the province of Nuoro. The name Arbatax means "fourteen" in Arabic referring to the coastal defensive tower built in the Spanish era, probably in 1572, which would be the fourteenth starting from the south. There are several archaeological areas to visit such as the Necropolis of Monte Terli, the archaeological park of San Salvatore, the Roman village of San Lussurioso. Arbatax together with Tortolì are famous for some coves and inlets to admire, including that of Cala Moresca which can be reached from the port along the pine forest and following the signs. The cove is very quiet and, on the north side, you can admire the red rocks of Arbatax. Continuing towards the Telis, the Bay of Portofrailis and San Gemiliano, which have become residential areas with rich architecture, you can admire different, suggestive and spectacular colors and scenarios. Staying in the area of Arbatax and Tortolì we also recommend that you venture along the paths and discover the many hidden coves along the coast.

Arbatax Cala Moresca

Do not forget if you are going to Sardinia for the first time to taste the famous Mirto liqueur, and try a plate of spaghetti with Bottarga, an ancient product that is obtained from dried and seasoned fish eggs. It enriches many dishes with flavor, from first to second courses, fish and more.

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