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Bologna... the Porticoes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

According to Unesco, Bologna is the city with the best preserved historic center in the world. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the porticoes of Bologna, almost 62 km long, 40 km of which only in the historic center, make the city of Bologna unique in the world. Since 1100, when the growth of the University led to the invention of a new urban space, the arcades have become a place, both public and private, for socializing and commerce, an outdoor lounge, the very symbol of Bolognese hospitality.

Credit Foto by BolognaToday

The Porticoes of the city

The widest portico in the city is

the four-sided portico of the basilica of S. Maria dei Servi in Strada Maggiore, designed at the end of the 14th century in the part that ends with the church.

The tallest portico in the city is

in Via Altabella where the archiepiscopal palace has a loggia that reaches ten meters and was built around 1293.

In via Senzanome there is the narrowest portico in the city, just 95cm.

The most famous portico in the city and the longest in the world

leads to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di S. Luca, 4km.

The portico degli Alemanni is the oldest in the city.

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