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Calabria...the land of Hot Peppers

Updated: May 13, 2021

When we say Calabria or Calabrese the word is very often synonymous with Spicy.

The region boasts a healthy production of its Calabrian Chili and is also home to the Italian Peperoncino Academy.

Its origins are ancient, it seems that Christopher Columbus discovered it in America, brought it back to Spain and soon after it spread throughout Europe.

Credit Photo Diavolo piccante

Calabrian hot pepper has played an important role in cooking for centuries and the recipes have been increasingly recognized outside the region. One of the internationally recognized leading products is the Famous Nduja, a spicy and spreadable salami created in the town of Spilinga near Tropea.

The “Nduja is made with pork lard, guanciale (cheek) and pancetta (pancetta) mixed with Calabrian chilli.

A traditional dish of the Calabrian Ionian coast is Sardella or Calabrian caviar (caviar), new fish in chilli and aromatic herbs, a delicacy that has been commercially suppressed by the European Union ban on the collection of white bait.

Nduja Calabrese Credit Photo Bottega di Calabria

It is used in sausage and cured meats, in pasta sauces, in pizza and bruschetta, even in jams, sweets, cakes, biscuits and in chocolate, and is preserved in various ways. With the quality and popularity of Calabrian chili, it is no wonder that Calabria is the home of the Italian Peperoncino Academy. Every year the organization organizes the Peperoncino Festival on the second weekend of September (Wednesday to Sunday) in Diamante, in Calabria.

What to say .... the Calabrese Pepper always makes your heart beat!

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