• Salvatore Fuda

Capo Comino... small jewel in the North of Sardinia

Updated: May 12, 2021

Capo Comino is a small town located in the municipality of Siniscola, on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, at the end of the Gulf of Orosei. Famous for its long beach of fine white sand that flows into transparent waters, behind which there are the largest dunes of the east coast dotted with the green of junipers. The beaches are very large, not very crowded and always very liveable even in high season, thanks to the large spaces. Some rocks scattered on the beach and the nearby lakes of Salina Manna and Salinedda, populated by a rich fauna, contribute to making this beach a unique and ideal place for relaxation. Capo Comino is also an ideal destination for surfers and for lovers of scuba diving: a few hundred meters from the coast there are in fact the remains of a Roman fleet from the period of Nero, in addition to the ship Commander Bafile sunk in 1942 and an airplane Frenchman who crashed in 1963. Finally, off Capo Comino rises the island Ruja, a reddish porphyry rock that can be reached by swimming or even on foot. It has many picnic areas protected by the shade of the trees where you can eat and shelter from the hot sun.

The Capo Comino dunes Protected area

We meet the Capo Comino dunes in the 30 km of coastline of the Siniscola area

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