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Dinami the small Calabrian village in the province of Vibo Valentia

The village of Dinami, is an Italian town of 2,062 and is located in the central-southern part of the province, on the border with that of Reggio di Calabria, on the north-western side of Mount Crocco, in the valley of the Marepotamo river, between Mileto, Gerocarne , Dasà, Acquaro, San Pietro di Caridà (RC) and Serrata (RC).The name could derive from the Greek Dynamos (strength, power). Built as a farmhouse in Soreto, an ancient colony of Magna Graecia, which depopulated towards the end of the 15th century due to malaria epidemics, it therefore followed the events of the vast fiefdom of Arena.

It was later, in the course of the 16th century, dismembered and given to the Galeota family, and then to the Arduino who held it until 1653 and who in 1595 had incardinated the title of Marquis. From 1653 to 1686 it subsequently passed to the Tramontana and del Forno families. From 1686 to 1790 it belonged to the Caracciolo di Arena, in 1687 with the title of Duke of Soreto, recognized as the primitive of the town. In 1790 it returned to the Stagno - D'Arduino - D'Alcontres who had claimed it, and they remained until the subversion of feudalism. It was almost razed to the ground by the earthquake of 1783. Due to the administrative order established by the French by law of 19 January 1807, Dinami was recognized as a place, or University, in the so-called government of Rosarno. With the subsequent reorganization, ordered by decree 4/5/1811 it became a Municipality with jurisdiction over the villages or hamlets of Melicuccà and Daffinà, and transferred to the Arena district, for institutions established under the same law. This provision was maintained with reorganization given to the Region by the Baron by Law 1/5/1816.

In the parish of San Michele there is a 15th century wooden Crucifix, of Byzantine style, and a statue of the Madonna della Catena by Domenico De Lorenzo (19th century). Dinami was the birthplace of Girolamo Gallucci hagiographer (16th - 17th centuries), Pasquale Raimondo Saffioti (1733 - 5/7/1806), a distinguished jurist, Ferdinando Gitanna surgeon, father of the illustrious literary critic Giuseppe Umberto Gitanna (8 / / 7/1890 - 6/6/1978), to the sculptor Giuseppe Rito (20/4/1907 - 26/4/1965). In the Marepotamo valley, at the confluence of the Melanda and Marepotamo rivers, are the ruins of the 15th century Augustinian convent, known in Greek as “the walls of Soreto”. Melicuccà ancient village of Soreto, before becoming a fraction of Dinami was the municipal jurisdictional seat. In fact, the administrative order established by the French by Law 19/1/1807 made it a municipality in the so-called Soriano government, calling it Melicuccà di Soreto. The subsequent reorganization, decree 4/5/1811 considered Melicuccà fraction of Dinami, thus transferring it to the Arena district. There is a monumental fountain built in 1903 in massive granite built by master Bruno Pelaggi from Serra San Bruno.

Credit Foto by Nicola De Agostino

The Tower of Dinami

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