• Salvatore Fuda

Gerace...the village of 100 churches

It derives from the Greek jerax, “Sparrow hawk”, in memory of the bird of prey which, according to legend, would have indicated to the inhabitants of Locri the place in which to refound the city, sheltered from Saracen raids. Located at the foot of the Aspromonte, Gerace is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, nestled like a jewel among the rocks, reachable from the state road 106, through a road that runs into a steep cliff.

The village of Gerace rises to 470 meters high, on a sandstone hill, halfway between the Ionian Sea and the mountains of the Aspromonte National Park.

It was an important religious center full of places of worship, so much so that it was nicknamed the "City of 100 churches"

Gerace: a medieval village

The story of Gerace is engraved in the rock, a pure medieval citadel in which three main nuclei can be distinguished: the Upper Town, Borgo Maggiore and Borghetto.

After passing the Porta del Sole, a set of narrow alleys, pleasant to walk through to observe the beautiful buildings in detail, will lead you to the remarkable Norman cathedral.

Along the way there are also various and characteristic craft shops where it is worth stopping and for a refreshment break it is worth tasting the excellent granita at the Tocco ice cream parlor, in the square of the same name, comparable to those of nearby Sicily.

After diving into the past of the medieval Gerace, you can move on to a bath in the "Locresi Holy Waters", so known since ancient times.

You can thus take advantage of the excellent characteristics of these thermal waters which are mainly used for baths, muds and for the transgingival route which has an excellent resolving action, as well as to cleanse and stimulate the organic defenses. Therefore excellent for recovering from chronic inflammatory processes.

These waters are classified as thermo-mineral, isotonic, slightly sulphurous, salty-sulphate-alkaline waters with traces of iodine.

They flow continuously at a temperature of 36 degrees and are free of bacteria.

The spa is located in the town of Antonimina and is open from 1st June to 30th November.

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