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How to have a passion for homemade pasta

Updated: May 12, 2021

Short interview with the queen of fresh pasta

Sfoglina per Passione Sabrina Pascalis Bologna

Over 15 years ago I chose to specialize in the preparation of fresh pasta, exclusively handmade!

I didn't know much about this ancient Bolognese method of making pasta: I attended specific courses and so I started my professional adventure.

I have collaborated with restaurants, professionals, companies and associations (to represent our culinary heritage both in Italy and abroad), up to the professional restaurant school.

Over time my passion for pasta has led me to want to recreate a family and home environment, in which to be able to share and make known more carefully the authentic taste of fresh handmade pasta, an Italian artisan excellence!

I have created several basic courses that you can choose as a starting point to learn and / or improve your cooking skills and also an intermediate / advanced course to be able to make a difference in the Italian market and in the world!

Tagliatelle Tortelloni Heart pasta

Italian art is a gift that everyone can have only with the Passion

Colorful tortellini by Sabrina Pascalis

The art of making a tortellino has no boundaries

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