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How to organize a small event at home

Updated: May 13, 2021

Organizing an event is not very difficult, especially if it is a dinner, an aperitif or a small refreshment at home with friends and family.

Let's say that it becomes more complicated when the event becomes large in numbers and in its importance, such as a wedding or a special event where many people are expected.

It becomes important instead to take care of the details are those that make the difference to make a good impression and for the success of our event.

We have to be meticulous in organizing anything even the smallest detail, and not only ....... sometimes even the unexpected are to be considered, a situation that is not negligible.

It is important not to panic when things are not going in the right direction, for example a last minute mistake, the florist forgot to bring you flowers to set up a buffet. Nothing serious ....... we can fix it with a small plant or a beautiful vase or a vintage statuette.

The equipment is very important, (usually a light or ecru colored tablecloth is always very elegant and refined)

let's say that it depends a lot on the context of the event, and finally on the glasses of wine, one for each type:

After that everything will be wonderful with your dinner :)

Little creation and everything becomes simple and elegant

The result of elegance is given by originality and refinement

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