• Salvatore Fuda

Lido di Pomposa ... the sea of the Ferrara beaches

Lido di Pomposa is part of the seven Lidos of Comacchio. Rich in open spaces surrounded by nature and a wonderful beach of fine golden sand, the Lido di Pomposa coast is equipped with modern bathing establishments. It is par excellence the lido dedicated to families, thanks to the quality and control services of the beaches and its bathing establishments equipped for children.

For those who love outdoor holidays, campsites and tourist villages offer ample possibilities for pitches and housing units and are distinguished by the wide range of services ranging from private beaches to playgrounds and swimming pools.

What to visit

Due to its position, Lido di Pomposa is an ideal starting point for trips and excursions in the evocative environment of the Comacchio Valleys: a unique "wetland" in Italy, of great naturalistic importance, protected by the Po Delta Regional Park. it can also leave for numerous cultural trips, from the nearby historic center of Comacchio, defined as "the little Venice", built on thirteen islets, in a choreographic intertwining of canals, bridges and alleys, to the interesting ancient Abbey of Pomposa, founded between the sixth and seventh centuries, where shortly after the year one thousand the monk Guido d'Arezzo “invented” the musical notes.

Some historical notes

Almost all the architecture of the beach can be traced back to the boom that took place between the 1950s and 1960s; after more than 30 years of immobility, the suburbs of the inhabited center are undergoing a new wave of construction, with particular interest in the construction of single-family and multi-family houses (the most common type in the Lido).

Since 2008, the Municipality of Comacchio has implemented a redevelopment of the main streets of the beach and of the street furniture.

On August 8 of every year a party is celebrated in the streets to commemorate its foundation, together with the Lido Chess, by Riccardo Rocca, an entrepreneur who contributed in a fundamental way to the building and tourist development of the Lidi Comacchiesi and who gives his name of the central square of the Lido di Pomposa (piazzale Riccardo Rocca).

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