• Salvatore Fuda

Little Sciolze in the hills of the Castles of Piemonte

The village of Sciolze with just over 1,400 people, is located on top of a hill surrounded by a quiet green area, in the province of Turin, in the Piemonte region of Northern Italy.

The origins of Sciolze are traced in documents from 1034 kept at the Abbey of Vezzolano.

The name probably derives from that of "Sciulza" found in the archives of the churches of the Diocese of Turin.

The center of the town is dominated by the Castle of S. Severino, a stronghold of medieval origin, located on a hill dominating the town, of which only a few remains of the walls remain.

An eclectic mansion was built on the site of the castle, which is still inhabited as a private residence.

The central street spreads into the squares where the Church of the Confraternity of the Holy Spirit (1600), the Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista, a church of ancient origin (1400) remodeled several times over the centuries until the last intervention in 1770 inside, a high altar in Gassino stone, with 4 polychrome wooden statues from the 18th century, a painting of the Baptism of Jesus by Enrico Gamba.

A short distance away it is possible to visit several castles on the road between Sciolze and Chieri, the most important being those of Bardassano, Cinzano, Marmorito and Passerano.

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