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Matera the city of James Bond 007

Updated: May 13, 2021

On 9 December 1993, in Cartagena, the City of Stones entered the World Heritage Sites.

Capital of European culture in 2019 Matera is a town located in Southern Italy precisely on a rocky territory in Basilicata.The history of Matera is often identified with the history of the Sassi.

The name "Sassi" identifies the two main districts of which the historic center of the city of Matera is composed: the "Civita" and the "Piano". We speak of "Sassi di Matera" precisely because of this duplicity and not by the name "stone" associated with the premises and houses that arise within these neighborhoods.

It has often been chosen as a location for movies and shows at an international level. And so Matera, which already inspired Pasolini and then Mel Gibson, has once again become a film set, in the spotlight of the world. "No Time to Die" scheduled for cinemas in September 2021 was filmed in the Sassi of the city. Record receipts are expected: 100 million spectators are expected to arrive in theaters.

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Before being the city we all know today, also loved for its stones and famous caves, Matera was considered one of the most backward towns in southern Italy, so much so that the stones became synonymous with underdevelopment and backwardness.

Only in 1952 did something start to be done for those who lived there: it is counted that in that year more than 15 thousand people lived in the caves of Matera, in much more than precarious conditions and this was a shame that was tried to put an end to by allocating some development funds.

Today the Sassi of Matera have been re-evaluated and open to the public and living there has become a real luxury.Since 1993, the Sassi of Matera have been a World Heritage Site, as recognized by UNESCO which confers the title. This is the first thing to visit in Matera, also because it is what characterizes it more than anything else.Absolutely to visit the churches of San Pietro Caveoso, the Church of San Francesco d’Assisi and the famous Sassi. They are divided into Caveoso and Barisano. The Sasso Caveoso is to the south, while the Sasso Barisano is to the west. Today there are still 3000 houses in the stones and many are inhabited. In the stones, b & bs and luxury hotels have also been created, after the latter have been redeveloped in the best possible way.

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Matera like a small Christmas nativity scene

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