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Mediterranean food... Italian tradition

Updated: May 12, 2021

Mediterranean cuisine is known to be the healthiest and most varied cuisine in the world. In fact, it is usually often taken into consideration in diets (precisely called the Mediterranean Diet), and is based on the foods traditionally consumed in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, typically natural foods and resources that are well assimilated by our body.

The basic foods of Mediterranean cuisine are those derived from the land and from farms: bread, pasta, milk, meat, fruit and vegetables, oil and wine. All these foods, consumed in moderation, make up the Mediterranean cuisine, where they are mixed to create the traditional dishes that characterize this type of cuisine.

Typical specialty of Southern Italy

They are fried potato balls stuffed with ham and melted cheese. Typical dish of Southern Calabria. They are usually eaten as a main course together with toasted bread friselle with tomato or with a condiment based on chopped parsley, garlic and a bit of anchovies.

Often all foods are organic and made in a typical traditional and artisanal way

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