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Pescoluse... the Maldives of Salento in Italy

Updated: May 12, 2021

They are called the Maldives of Salento, a beach coast that is located between Santa Maria di Leuca and Gallipoli, a coastline of about 6 km more precisely in the localities of Torre Pali, Pescoluse and Torre Vado.

Usually the best time to enjoy in full relaxation and without too many people is to avoid the months of July and August, the more chaotic months.

Torre Pali

Torre Pali is a charming tourist resort in the Municipality of Salve in the province of Lecce in Puglia, overlooking the Ionian sea about 16 km from Santa Maria di Leuca. Virtually surrounded by the most beautiful and popular beaches in the province of Lecce, Torre Vado. For those seeking tranquility and perhaps want to take a swim to the Isola della Fanciulla a few hundred meters from the shore, which can also be reached on foot. The seabed is rich in sea urchins and molluscs.


A little further south is the beating heart of the Maldives of Salento, Pescoluse. This small town transforms itself into a worldly place full of events during the summer. The beach, famous over the years for having the lightest color in the whole area. The expanse of fine white sand, the shallow waters and the islets emerging from the clear waters, the dunes covered with acacias and white lily, make it one of the most popular and desired places in the entire province of Lecce.

Torre Vado

Going down a little further south we find the beach of the small town of Torre Vado. Much fewer people, more space on the beach, and also the opportunity to enjoy the cold water sources that flow directly into the sea. A place certainly more resized than in Pescoluse, but which retains the charm of discreet and reserved places. The ancient coastal tower, which gives its name to the marina, stands on the picturesque marina, where excursions depart every day to visit the Salentine Caves. At the end of the day, the advice is to approach the marina, where among the silver lights of the sunset, you can observe the fishermen intent on preparing their nets for the next morning, in what is not just a job, but a real passion.

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