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Roccella Ionica and its Jazz...

The small town of Roccella Ionica with little more than 6700 people is located exactly on the "Costa dei Gelsomini" in Calabria and still preserves the remains of its ancient history. On the waterfront you can admire two monolithic columns in Egyptian porphyry that belonged to a pagan temple, found in 1863 by some fishermen; in the oldest and by now uninhabited part, the ruins of the medieval castle are hidden.

The origins of Roccella are confused with that of Magna Grecia. It would be the ancient Amphisya remembered by Ovid. In the 10th century the city was called "Rupella", then "Arocella" and today Roccella, a name that refers to the fact that the city is founded on the fortress.

Don't miss the imposing Carafa Castle

Located on a fortress to control and defend the coast, the Roccella Castle was probably built by the Swabians around the 13th century.

The first news about a manor overlooking the village of the ancient Rupella relate to the Angevin period, even if the strong alterations applied in the following centuries have distorted its very essence. The castle was in fact a defensive manor, one of the most difficult to conquer, but in the 18th century the Carafa Family enlarged it and used it as a stately home.

The Castle, located on a cliff overlooking the sea, was an impregnable fortress so much so that not even the Turks of Dragut Pascià in 1553, who sacked Reggio and its surroundings, managed to scratch it. On the contrary, they suffered serious losses and the destruction of most of the one hundred and fifty galleys with which they had presented themselves in the stretch of water below the manor.

The Roccella Jazz Festival, born in 1981, is an important jazz music festival that each year includes world-famous artists and proposes itself as a place of experiments and creativity

The Porto delle Grazie (Marina di Roccella)

is a fishing tourist port which is only 2 km from the town.

It is surrounded by beaches of fine white sand and an enchanting pine forest full of Mediterranean scrub vegetation that provides shady and pleasant resting areas. Today it is the landing point for boats up to 30 meters in length, favored by catamarans and trimarans and offering numerous maritime services.

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