• Salvatore Fuda

San Fili Castle Stignano-Calabria

The castle of San Fili (or castelletto Lamberti) is a fortified casino built, between 1710 and 1720, by the captain and patrician from stilese Giuseppe Lamberti, according to the canons of military architecture on a promontory of the historic suffeudo of San Fili. The octagonal hall on the main floor and the access drawbridge, later transformed into masonry, are worthy of note. In the vicinity of the small castle, the Lamberti also built a small country church dedicated to Santa Maria del Carmine. In the second half of the nineteenth century. the Lamberti family sold all the San Fili property to Ponziano Alvaro di Riace. Currently the castle and the rural church are owned by the Municipality of Stignano in Calabria.

Torre San Fili The Tower of San Fili in Stignano is a cylindrical tower with a sighting and guard function coordinated with the defense apparatus against Saracen and Turkish invasions dating back to the 1600s.

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