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San Vito Lo Capo...the Caribbean pearl of Sicily

Updated: May 13, 2021

San Vito Lo Capo is a small seaside resort in north-western Sicily famous for its beach overlooking a sheltered bay dominated from above by Monte Monaco.In the past it had Arab-Norman influences, and thanks to its mild climate even in winter , is one of the most popular destinations in western Sicily by both Italians and foreigners. The Arab influences made it so that even the kitchen was affected and for this reason every year in San Vito Lo Capo there is the Cous Cous Fest, the International Festival of Cultural Integration, an event that has been renewed for 19 years. A feast of flavors and civilization that celebrates Cous Cous as a dish of peace, integration and exchange. Its position, between Palermo and Trapani, allows it to be easily reached from the two airports.

A village village, with low houses dotted with jasmine and bougainvillea, a Mediterranean atmosphere that immediately promises a lot of relaxation ...

San Vito beach

  • One of the destinations not to be missed is the famous Riserva dello Zingaro a stretch of coast that goes from San Vito Lo Capo to Castellammare del Golfo, seven kilometers of unspoiled nature where birds of prey live and nest. The ancient Greeks and Latins called it Cetaria due to the abundance of tuna found in its waters. It can be traveled on foot, starting from San Vito Lo Capo, by car, you can reach the North entrance of the Reserve in 15 minutes, or by sea by renting a dinghy or booking a boat excursion with daily departures.

Riserva dello Zingaro

  • The heart of San Vito Lo Capo is the square where the Sanctuary-Fortress stands majestically. Built around the small chapel dedicated to San Vito martyr, this construction originally also served to protect the population and the numerous pilgrims who came from all over the island from the threat of pirates.

  • Arriving in San Vito Lo Capo it is impossible not to notice the small Moorish-style chapel, built at the gates of the town in the 13th century in honor of the nurse of San Vito, Crescenzia. Its silhouette stands out against the blue sky and Macari bay.

Sanctuary-Fortress Moorish-style chapel

The lighthouse

  • Its beam of light illuminates this stretch of coast from the distant 1st August 1959. Wanted by the Bourbons to make navigation safer for passing boats, it gives a certain charm to the bay; certainly one of the undisputed symbols of San Vito Lo Capo. A walk under the tower, 43 meters high, is a must and also very romantic. Near the lighthouse there is a circular tower called the Torrazzo, probably used in ancient times to defend against pirate attacks.

Finally, do not forget to admire the view in San Vito you will be breathless especially at sunset...

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