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Siderno...from ancient Magna Grecia to the Jasmine coast "Costa dei Gelsomini"

Updated: May 13, 2021

The town of Siderno Marina with a population of about 20,000 people, is a small town located on the Costa dei Gelsomini, a coast that goes from Punta Stilo and Bova Marina bathed by the Ionian Sea (one of the deepest seas in the Mediterranean Sea). the name from the ancient cultivation of Jasmine, a beautiful and fragrant flower that was collected by women called Gelsominaie and exported especially to France as a base for many perfumes. Another typical product is Bergamot, a mix of flavor between an orange and a lemon used particularly in cooking and also as an essential oil. Root licorice is also famous in Calabria, also a product exported all over the world and used to make liquorice-based liqueurs.

The city is composed of the ancient village, located on a hill, called Siderno Superiore and the modern part, called Marina, which developed close to the Costa dei Gelsomini and a renowned tourist-seaside area of Locride, the largest and most populous inhabited and commercial center on the Ionian coast. Some historians believe that it was a Greek colony dating back to the VIII-VI century BC. The Marina of Siderno began to arise with some groupings especially around the marine areas of fishermen and seafarers. Towards the middle of the eighteenth century some industries arose. In 1806 the feudal period ended and in 1869 the seat of the municipality passed from Siderno Superiore to Siderno Marina, becoming one of the most important and commercial localities of the coast. The Church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo, patron saint of the city, is located in the center in front of its large square. The Siderno area also extends into some areas adjacent to the city that over the years have become small important villages including Donisi, Mirto and Salvi.

The famous beaches of Siderno with its Crystal Clear Sea.The beach consists of a first part of sand and the last part of small pebbles.

Siderno Beach

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Siderno Superiore, located on a hill about three kilometers from Siderno Marina, is the historic core of Siderno. It develops linearly up to the square of San Nicola, around which there are numerous noble palaces. The parish church of San Nicola, three the naves, is rich in works of sculpture and painting from the 18th century. The Palazzo Falletti, home to exhibitions, the carefully restored Palazzo De Mojà, is a notable example of a seventeenth-eighteenth century stately home. The elegant Palazzo Englen also rises. Grio and the home of the patriot Michele Bello, one of the Martyrs of Gerace (1822-1847). It is advisable to visit this hamlet of Siderno, as it allows you to get to know the remote aspect of the Calabrian inhabited centers, very different from the so-called Marine of the nineteenth century.

Medieval village of Siderno Superiore

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