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Snow, Sun and Sea all in one place Gambarie d'Aspromonte Calabria

Updated: May 27, 2021

Gambarie d'Aspromonte is the first tourist resort in the South, in the province of Reggio Calabria. Today famous for its slopes, lifts and hotels that enrich it, the natural environment, the suggestive landscapes that surround it. We are 1400 meters above sea level, in the Aspromonte massif, at the gates of the Aspromonte National Park which takes its name from the great mountain of Reggio. A protected area among the most important in Italy, both for its extension and for its naturalistic, wildlife and landscape value.

In 1956 the first chairlift in the south was born with its ski slope and with a breathtaking view, one of the few places in the world where skiing is possible to see Sicily with its crystal clear sea

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We are in full territory of the National Park, indeed at its westernmost gate. The establishment of the park is quite recent, it protects one of the most geologically ancient and naturalistically most interesting areas in Italy, with nothing to envy to the "historical" parks of our country, such as the Stelvio and the Gran Paradiso. A presence that enriches the already numerous opportunities for entertainment and interest offered by the area, which is that of Santo Stefano in Aspromonte, a town located about 8 kilometers from the tourist town. The first houses of Gambarie rise just a thousand meters after the hamlet of Mannoli, between pine forests and beech trees, where it is easy to meet the squirrel with black coat and white belly, always easier to spot even in short walks in the woods.

Gambarie's tourist offer is very varied and of high quality: summer and winter sports, entertainment, cultural initiatives, events, many of which are dedicated to the rediscovery of the traditions of the Reggio mountains: from cuisine to literature, from songs to popular beliefs. A context in which hospitality is of great importance, the welcome towards the visitor, who for various reasons chooses to spend a holiday in Gambarie d'Aspromonte.

There are numerous excursions and trekking routes in an uncontaminated context to discover biodiversity

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