• Salvatore Fuda

Suviana Natural Park- Bolognese Apennines

Updated: May 18, 2021

The small village of Suviana is located near the artificial lake of the same name, built in 1928 and recently transformed into a natural park. The basin is mainly fed by the eastern Limentra stream and is located entirely in the metropolitan city of Bologna.

With an area of thirteen hectares, the park is equipped for fishing and sailing activities, but above all it is frequented by numerous surf enthusiasts.

The town has medieval origins such as the Church of S. Giusto, rebuilt in the eighteenth century. The locality was the seat of a coterie linked to the lords of Stagno. Just below the lake it is possible to see the beautiful humpback bridge of the Cinghi di Suviana saved during the construction of the hydroelectric basin .Also worth a visit is the parish church, dedicated to Saints Giusto and Clemente to admire the treasures kept inside. A few kilometers from Suviana it is possible to visit the famous Cesare Mattei Castle.

Staying at Lake Suviana is like "doing the sea in the hills", in fact you are in the middle of the Apennines at almost 500 meters above sea level, which allows you to enjoy the summer, where the climate does not make you suffer. torrid heat of the city, at the same time the sunny days are warm enough to be able to stay in a bathing suit and enjoy one of the beaches.

Lake Suviana is the largest in the Bolognese province and one of the largest in the Emilia-Romagna region, it is part of the Suviana and Brasimone Lakes Regional Park and does not have the sole function of producing hydroelectric energy but is used for sporting activities. aquatic and bathing, especially in the summer.

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