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The best homemade hot pepper recipe

Preparing good jars of chillies in oil requires careful and careful work. First you need to find good hot peppers and possibly Organic. Usually Calabrian Peppers are the most suitable ones as well as being very spicy they are of excellent quality. Today's recipe is based on a kilo of chillies and therefore if you do more or less, calculate the ingredients based on the total weight of the product.

Wash the peppers thoroughly and then spread them out on a dry cloth and let them dry completely. Once dry, cut them into small pieces (see attached photo) and place them in a container with about 50 grams of coarse salt for 24 hours. During these hours the chillies will make a little water, all normal. After this period of time, drain them in a colander by lightly squeezing the product to make the remaining water go away. DO NOT ABSOLUTELY WASH THEM. Once this is done, wash the container and put them back into the clean container with about 250ml of white vinegar for another 24 hours.

At the end of this period with a spoon, start putting them as you like in small or medium-sized jars so that you can eat them a little at a time. Care must be taken to put them back inside the jars by squeezing them slightly downwards so as not to leave empty spaces inside the jars otherwise they go bad. Once they are not completely filled to the brim, pour some good quality Italian Olive Oil, if possible, and close them with the cap. The next day, reopen the caps of the jars and make sure that the oil is always on top of the product otherwise it will cause mold. Once this procedure is done, close the jars well and store them in a dry place. Your chillies are now ready to be tasted .... but be careful not to overdo it :)).

Once you open a jar you can always keep it out of the fridge in a dry place and every now and then make sure that the oil is always on top of the product and top it up if necessary.

Have a good meal ! :)

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