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The famous ancient "Via degli Dei" from Bologna to Florence

Monte Adone, Monte Venere, Monzuno and Monte Luario: four areas in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines with clear signs of a thriving Roman culture, which identified them as the ideal location for the construction of the Via Flaminia Militare, an important communication route between Bologna and Florence, which were already two major urban centers in the Roman Empire.

This ancient Italian road has become La Via degli Dei (The Path of Gods), a 130km route from Piazza Maggiore (Bologna) to Piazza della Signoria (Florence) divided into different legs depending on timing and capabilities, it can also be done by mountain-bike. The Path of Gods runs from the hills of Bologna to the green slopes of the Mugello, crossing forgotten places and holding the small treasures hidden in the Apennines, witnesses of an extraordinary history.

A journey through the history of religion visiting abbeys and convents, ancient history walking on the remains of the Via Flaminia Militare or the paths of the Contrafforte Pilocenico, modern history among the Medici Villas, contemporary history in the silence of the Futa Pass and the hotspots along the Gothic Line - World War II, in the uncontaminated nature of the natural oasis for the protection of the flora and fauna, between legends and curiosities.

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3 good reasons to do the Via degli Dei:

  1. Bologna and Florence discovering Italian history

  2. Immersed in the nature of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines

  3. Discover good Emilian and Tuscan food

Mortadella (Bologna) Finocchiona(Toscana)

The Via degli Dei can be done on foot or by bicycle with tailor-made itineraries and with different proposals on an individual basis 2 people, family or group.

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