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The place food most famous in Bologna

Updated: May 13, 2021

Most famous food and wine itinerary in Bologna

Bologna is famous for the hospitality of its people, so much so that it is considered one of the most hospitable and friendly cities in Italy. Bologna is much more famous for its cuisine and culinary traditions, so much so that it is considered the Capital of Food. A place where you can find all this is the famous Quadrilatero, a set of small streets where you can have fun seeing the numerous food shops and the many taverns now destinations for many tourists and also a reference point for the Bolognese. From the Roman era here is the Mercato di Mezzo, still today on sale typical local products, vegetables, fruit, cheeses and hams of all kinds and the famous Mortadella di Bologna. Do not forget the Pignoletto wine (white) or the San Giovese (red) typical local wines of the Bolognese hills.If you prefer a sparkling and fresh red wine then a good glass of Lambrusco is for you.

For people staying in Bologna it is a place not to be missed for absolutely no reason.

The ancient market in the Quadrilatero

A typical and famous shop of typical Bolognese products.

The real famous Parma ham must have a DOP mark to be original. In Bologna in the quadrilatero area you will find many shops where to buy it. A gastronomic tour of tasting typical products such as Parma ham, Mortadella and Culatello are organized for tourists.

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