• Salvatore Fuda

The village of Cleto and its Castle

Cleto is a tiny town in the province of Cosenza, whose inhabited area was built by the Normans along the slopes of Mount Sant'Angelo at the top of which a castle was built that still dominates the valley to the sea.

In the period of the Trojan War, 10th century BC, the queen of the Amazons Pentasilea "was killed in battle by Achilles, her nurse Cleta, who loved her with tenderness, upon hearing the sad news, placed on a ship and accompanied by many people, he left with the thought of being able to give her an honorable burial ". Thus, Cleta, handmaid of Aeneas "as it was in our seas went ashore and either because she found it impossible to carry out the pitiful office or perhaps because she liked the amenity of the site she decided not to go further, she stopped there and built the city that from his name was called Cleto "thus fulfilling Cassandra's prophecy.

The city grew in people and forces, so much so that at the time of the splendor of Magna Graecia it entered into war with Crotone (year 16 BC). The Crotoniati, with an army, killed the queen, who, before dying, had to express the wish that all the queens who would have reigned after her would bear her name; thus "all the queens of the city were called Cleta".

Cleto Castle

Ancient castle dating back to the Byzantine - Norman period. Historically known as the Castle of Pietramala (ancient name of the village). Name due to the particular rocky conformation that characterizes the place.

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