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Trentino-Val di Non the famous valley of apples

Updated: May 13, 2021

The Val di Non located in the north-western part of the autonomous province of Trento is famous for high altitude apples. It is ideal for those who want to spend holidays away from stress and for those looking for a natural landscape made up of hills, woods and lakes spread over a plateau. The suggestive villages of the valley, the castles and the sanctuaries characterize places that have remained intact from a natural point of view, but also faithful to cultural traditions.

The best places not to be missed in Val di Non

First is Tovel Lake which is located at 1178 meters above sea level at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites. With its 370 thousand square meters it is the largest natural lake in the Val di Non. Its waters are so crystalline that the mountains are reflected in the water. It is also known all over the world for its waters until 1964 were colored blood red. It has fascinated many scholars and researchers and after some studies have deduced that the red color was due to an Alga called Glenodinium Sanguineum and other algae. The disappearance of this phenomenon is attributed to ecosystem change and climate change.

Tovel Lake

  • Sanctuary of San Romedio:

The sanctuary of S. Romedio can be considered one of the most characteristic sanctuaries in Europe. It is located near Sanzeno in Val di Non and is certainly the most interesting example of medieval Christian art in Trentino. It is a well-known pilgrimage site, built on a limestone cliff over 70 meters high and dedicated to the hermit San Romedio. Five small overlapping churches, all built on a spur of rock and joined together by a long staircase of 131 steps.

Sanctuary of San Romedio

Among the many ways to reach the Sanctuary of San Romedio, it is certainly the path in the rock, very suggestive and spectacular that from Sanzeno arrives at the Sanctuary. Not to be missed!

Path to the Sanctuary

  • Thun Castle:

Castel Thun is one of the best preserved castles of medieval origin in Trentino, a few kilometers from Vigo di Ton. For centuries Castel Thun was the magnificent home of the Tono family, one of the most illustrious, ancient and powerful families of the Trentino nobility who reigned in the valley for centuries. The original furnishings of the sixteenth century are preserved intact in the castle, along with valuable art collections, an important library and a rich art gallery. All the rooms are full of silver, original furnishings and several family paintings.

Thun Castle

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