• Salvatore Fuda

Val d'Ega... the Dolomites kissed by the Sun (Alta Badia-Trentino)

Those who think of South Tyrol immediately come to mind the mountains. And two of the most famous massifs of the Dolomites are located in Val d’Ega: the Catinaccio and the Latemar. Two giants for two ski areas. It is a valley, a tourist region, a hiking area, a mountain bike area: an amazing setting for a holiday in winter, in summer or for a mid-season getaway. For a day trip or a long stay full of emotions and adventures! This wonderful land is a continuous succession of natural, cultural and historical monuments and legendary tales.

A holiday in Val d’Ega, on the side of the Dolomites that the sun kisses the longest, promises lots of fun in the name of sport and endless relaxation. And its uncontaminated nature instantly enchants. Pure pleasure is hidden in every corner of the Val d’Ega.

Aim high! Towards the mountain huts, towards the summit cross, towards the start of the slopes. And look beyond the horizon, beyond the sharp ridges, and then down to the valley. Overlooking the green forests and the cheerful shades of the meadows. Listen to the call of the nature of the Dolomites, walking along the marked trails, pedaling by bicycle or skiing on the fresh snow. Or having fun on the sled, practicing cross-country skiing or indulging in a thousand stunts on the snowboard! And between one adventure and another, stop and admire the landscape, look inside yourself and refresh yourself in a refuge. Because on the mountain pastures and refuges in Obereggen in Val d’Ega you feel one step away from heaven! And the Latemar never ceases to offer new adventures. In any season of the year! In Obereggen the value and beauty of nature is recognized, which is why extreme importance is given to environmental protection and eco-sustainability among these peaks. Yes, in Obereggen you are truly at the peak of happiness.

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