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  • Salvatore Fuda

Vallugola Bay (Gabicce Mare)

Vallugola bay is a wonderful natural inlet located between the promontories of Gabicce and Casteldimezzo.

A privileged destination for those coming from the sea, Vallugola is a small paradise of the Adriatic Sea, with its pebble beach and a charming marina.

Its strange name could derive from Valle Lucula, or "dark valley" due to the presence of the dense bush or from "Valle dell’Ugola", in relation to the well-known echo phenomenon that can be heard in this bay. In ancient times, the port of Vallugola was frequented by many ships from Greece that sailed up the Adriatic to reach Adria and Spina. Confirming these intense port traffic are the numerous archaeological finds that took place in the waters in front of the bay, such as terracotta, fragments of statues and Attic vases from the 5th century BC. At the top of the hill above the Vallugola, an epigraph tells of the existence of a temple dedicated to Jupiter Serene, protector of sailors who, following his great flame that illuminated the darkness of the night, could arrive safely at their destination.

But according to an old legend, the crystalline waters of the Vallugola hide an entire submerged city: the Roman Valbruna, also known as the Atlantis of the Adriatic. For years archaeologists and divers have searched in vain for the remains of this city, mysteriously disappeared in the mists of the centuries, even if even today, on clear days, someone swears to see the ruins of ancient houses, with streets, columns and temples.

Vallugola bay is an enchanting place where the suggestion of the sea and nature combine with the pleasure of an intimate and welcoming tourist place where you can stop and enjoy the small pleasures of life.

During the day, perfect relaxation is on the small equipped beach, in the evening at sunset it is the perfect setting for an aperitif or a fish-based dinner.

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